Men's Workshop ~ How to Meet Women in Public Places (Day Game)

Men's Workshop ~ How to Meet Women in Public Places (Day Game)

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WHEN: Sunday, May 20, 2018 from 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

WHERE: Address and directions will be sent with confirmation email. The location for this event is in Arlington and will be Metro accessible.

PRICE: $200.00 if purchased in advance   image  SOLD OUT

This class is limited to three men, so the men get personalized instruction and feedback.

What do Roger Federer, Peyton Manning, and Michael Jordan have in common? They have all been at the top of their game and they have all hired the best coaches in their field.

Imagine the feeling of winning tournament after tournament, winning the Superbowl, or leading your team to NBA championship after championship.

That feeling is not unlike the way you'll feel after you have been trained by an experienced coach. No more sitting alone at home or waiting for a buddy to call you so the two of you can sit at some bar crying over your beers and drooling over the "hot babes" that you don't have access to. No more waking up alone on the weekends because you have no choice in your social life. No more lonely nights, solo movies or that nasty feeling of being the "extra" guy.

Start Conversations

Create "Insta-Dates"

Present Yourself and Lead Conversations
in Ways That Will be Attractive to Women

Lose the Awkward Silence

Your coach is a specialist in meeting women in public places and in helping you display your personality in a way that is attractive to women. During this session, the coach will demonstrate how to approach and talk to women in a shopping mall or other public area, as well as help you approach women.

You will approach women and then learn how the approach looked from the "outside" based on body language and the coach's experience. There will be a description of how the woman or women responded to the approach based on their body language. Learning about the signals she gave off during the approach is invaluable, and these are often attraction signals. You will learn ways of improving your approaches based on what the coach witnessed in the field. By the end the session, you will have the foundation and the knowledge to redesign your life!

Please note: sales for this event are cut off at 5pm the day prior to the workshop. If you are planning to attend this workshop, please submit your order and payment before 5pm on the day before the date listed above. It is also required for you to include your cell phone number in your registration so the coach can contact you in advance.
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