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Black Singles Dating Washington DC

An Examination of This Invitation: Black People Meet Washington, D.C.

After January 20, 2009, any invitation that contains this phrase, "Black People Meet Washington D.C." sounds like a promotion for some sort of political or government sponsored event. Yet, the activities that took place on one National Holiday, the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. call into question any assumption that an invitation with the above mentioned phrase must be an open ended call for party or government recruits.

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On the day before the MLK Jr. birthday celebrations there was no posted notice that read "Black People Meet Washington D.C." Still on that day, there were many places where one could see black people meet, as they gathered to work on some special project. Sometimes those gathered were pleased to greet a visitor, a man who wanted to meet black people, as well as Caucasians and Asians. That visitor was the man who would soon take the oath of office, and become the new President of the United States.

So what does that fact tell Professionals in the City about the phrase "Black People Meet Washington D.C.?" Well, it underscores the fact that such a meeting does not have to take place at a party or at some other social occasion. Such a meeting does not have to incorporate the traditional acts involved with black people dating. Instead, it can call for employment of efforts by a team of young people in a civic minded activity. By taking part in such an activity, any person displays his or her personality. Then any Professionals in the City can learn more about him or her.

This concept goes back quite a ways, back to the year 1912. At that time a spiritually minded man from Persia was visiting the U.S. Capitol. He had been invited to a dinner, one that did not distribute invitations with the phrase "Black People Meet Washington D.C." In fact there was only one African American invited to that dinner. A man who walked in hesitantly, but then received quite a surprise. The guest of honor motioned to him, asking that African American gentleman to sit next to the visitor's assigned seat.

That wise Persian understood something special about black people, and people of every race and color. The best way to meet a potential partner does not involve traditional dating practices. Rather, it calls for the creation of a way by which men and women can serve together on a sort of "team.," a team that is intent on improving a situation, or the life course of an individual.

Today Professionals in the City should welcome those people who follow the philosophy taught by that Persian, They do not attend meetings that send out invites with this phrase "Black People Meet Washington, D.C." They go to events where they can meet people of every race and creed. They want to work with them, to promote the cause of world unity.

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