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Personal Dating Versus Online Dating: Why Face To Face Is Better

Online dating is certainly pushed as a fast and convenient way to meet that perfect someone. Yet, there are some issues with the process that not only counteract that theory but also create a false sense of security. Face to face dating allows you more flexibility and can be safer than the internet version.

Internet sites are literally loaded with pictures and personal details and marginal truths. When someone is writing up a profile, they have all kinds of time to try to perfect it.

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This often includes embellishments, manipulative word selection, and misdirection in order to attract someone. Some people even go so far as to pay professional writers to create their profile. This all leads straight to deception and gives you a false sense of the individual.

It's a bit disappointing to finally show up to meet someone only to figure out that a lot of what you thought you knew about them really isn't true at all. Sometimes its just little things, minor details that have been changed for convenience, but other times it is much bigger and can carry a greater impact.

Online dating sites often have a safety statement. You've probably read them at one point. They remind you:

  • Never to give out your contact information until you're comfortable
  • Meet in public places
  • Let your friends know where you're going before heading out

This is all well and good and should certainly be followed. Yet, the individual using internet dating sites to find easy marks is also aware of these recommendations. So how hard is it for them to convince you that they are actually trustworthy?

It's great that your friends know where you're going. At the same time if something runs afoul of decency, your friends are not guaranteed to know real names, if photos on the site are real, or even that you ended up where you were supposed to meet your new love interest. This protocol doesn't really make you safer; it just gives you a false sense that you're well protected.

When you meet someone face to face, you end up getting a more honest opinion about them right from the beginning. Intuitive senses and the ability to understand body language gives you more insight about a person than a few emails, doesn't it?

The sheer volume of individuals on internet sites makes the process of really getting down to the business of knowing someone very challenging. Sure, today your new love interest might be talking to you via IM or email, but how do you know that their spouse or significant other isn't down the hallway asleep? Since you can pretend to be anyone you want to while you're online, it's prudent to believe that others can be anyone they want to when they are trying to persuade you to meet with them.

While internet dating has some advantages, finding someone with enough integrity, honesty, and an accurate view of themselves can be very challenging. It's not likely that you will find the perfect person for you just waiting for your wink on the other end of the line. There is a lot of frustration that coincides with online dating, which is really why face to face dating is making such a huge and popular come back.

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