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International Vacation

Not only does Professionals in the City provide amazing events all throughout the year; we also organize group trips to some of the most desired international destinations around the world! Our international trips take our forte of connecting professionals to a whole other level by providing you with a fabulous international vacation that inspires connections and memories that will last a lifetime!

We know how busy you are as a professional. Between commutes, work, projects, events and activities, life gets busy. It is hard to plan a vacation when your calendar is limited, especially when coordinating an international trip with friends, who are all operating on different schedules. It just makes sense to join a group vacation that has an incredible itinerary that is already planned out, with all details considered, down to the pick-up at the airport upon arrival.

international vacation

Whether traveling solo or traveling with friends, whether you desire a vacation full of adventure and exploration or a vacation full of beautiful beaches and relaxation, our international trips have something for everyone. Sign up for an adventure trip that allows you to white water raft and zip-line through the rivers and lush canopies of the South American jungle; vacation on the beautiful, posh Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with its rich, historic scenery, beautiful beaches and amazing cuisine; visit the mystical temples, tropical islands and native villages of Thailand; dance through the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro during its infamous week of Carnival, or experience the unforgettable Nordic island of Iceland with its celestial Northern Lights. These are just a few of the many international vacations that we offer, and we don’t stop there! In addition to our annual international trips, we add a variety of other vacations each year in order to keep things fresh – you will always have plenty of options so you can continue to join our trips year after year!

Traveling with a group of other professionals that are like-minded, participating in the unforgettable organized group tours and activities, and the camaraderie inspired by the shared atmosphere of a foreign country, combine to make our international vacations the perfect storm for creating lasting friendships. We often have groups return from our trips that continue to meet up from time to time and maintain the connections formed while traveling. It is something we are proud to be a part of!

All vacation specifics are taken care of with the needs of our members in mind. You will be provided with superior customer service with attention to detail, knowledgeable local guides, remarkable accommodations, roommate pairing, airport transfers, some meals, group airfare (in some cases), organized group activities, optional tours, and plenty of free time to relax and do your own thing. All you have to do is get your passport, pack your bags and get ready for the much needed escape you’ve been longing for!

Grab your calendar and check out our available trips today! We are looking forward to working with you in making your next vacation one of the most memorable trips you have ever had!